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Shakespeare Club

An after school activity for Students 8-12. This year the group will present Midsummer Night’s Dream on May 11 and 12. During the rehearsal process, children and families will travel together to Stratford-on-Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace, for a cultural expedition to the UK.

Story Center

Books that every child shoud hear out loud. We have been collecting some of the best children’s books from around the world and bringing them back to Poland. On Saturday afternoons we share these stories with music, theater, and activities. Every Saturday 12:30-16:00.

Creative Summer

Creative Summer is an arts program for children ages 8-15 conducted in English. It is also a cultural exchange for artists, teachers, and creative thinkers from around the world. July 2-21, 2018.

Director of Arts and Culture

We can deliver a bespoke arts program at your school designed to expand student’s appreciation of traditional arts and and cultural diversity. Chuseok, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Hinamatsuri, and Marzanna are enjoyed at interactive assemblies where there might be singing, dancing, music, storytelling or games.

Let’s Start Something new
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If you are curious about any of our work don’t be shy to ask us about it. If you have an idea for a project or learning opportunity please share it with us!